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What is Instagram Marketing?

Social media and Marketing

Queries like “what is Instagram marketing?” are rampant among newcomers to digital marketing. This is understandable, seeing as Instagram has over one billion active users worldwide. It’s the biggest social media marketing platform globally. Subsequently, Instagram is the main channel used by the biggest brands for product promotion, building a target audience, and connecting with prospective New Zealand customers. 

Instagram also has several tools with which it supports brands in advertising. You’ll find sponsored posts, Instagram story ads, and influencer marketing, where individuals with large followers help to market your product to their audience. The goal is to build brand awareness, and Instagram marketing is a perfect channel to do that. 

What is Instagram Marketing? — Build a Strong Profile 

Optimizing your Instagram account is great for marketing, as it can also help build and personalize your brand. Here are some helpful tips to optimize your account for growth.

  1. Choose a concise and branded username. Use something that can be easily associated with your brand. You don’t want something complex, and you also don’t want anything that others use also. 
  2. Your bio should be compelling and informative. It should tell people about you and what you do. Be professional and friendly. 
  3. Use a high-quality picture. Use a photo that presents your brand. Ensure it has good lighting and can be recognized clearly. 
  4. Use hashtags. Whenever you make a post, use hashtags to get it to the right audience. 

Develop a Content Calendar for Instagram Marketing 

Creating a content calendar can help you stay frequent and improve your posting frequency, which will, in turn, build more followers and drive traffic to your site. The algorithm doesn’t favour a slow or inactive site, so you want to ensure you post regularly. Decide what time of the day you want to be posting and stick to it. You can use your Instagram insight to find out when your followers are most active.

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