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A brand reflects the experience your customers can expect to have with your business and how you can be recognised in the industry.

Rebranding is a common business move for both small and large companies. Most of the time we don’t typically notice branding changes unless it is a major rebrand. It’s always a good idea to rebrand after a couple of years so your business can continue to compete in the evolving marketplace.

What is in a rebrand? 

Rebranding your business could involve changing the name, modifying your logo or completely coming up with a new one. You could have all your marketing collateral re-designed or start from scratch with everything.

The scope of your rebrand will depend on the problem you are trying to solve.

Below are a few reasons why a rebrand may be ideal for your business.

1. A change in your Target Demographic

As your company grows you might try to target a larger audience. You may possibly add new services to your business which will potentially attract a new group of people. Your brand should always speak to the target audience you are trying to reach. If this is the case and your target demographic has changed slightly or you have added a new audience to your business you may not want to completely change the branding as this may confuse your existing customers. Ideally in this situation your rebrand would be something that slightly modifies your current branding but still enhances your brand and appeals to both your new and existing customers.

2.Your brand is getting old

Has your brand been operating for a while now? Does your logo look outdated? Was your branding and logo designed 10 years ago with a style that doesn’t look modern anymore? If you identify with any of these points your brand may very well be in need of a rebrand! It would be a great idea to contact our team to have a chat about a rebrand that is fresh and fits in within the industry you specialise in.

3.You want to differentiate yourself from your competition

Branding is all about competitive differentiation. As we mentioned earlier it is so important to stand out from your competitors and not become lost in the industry. It’s common for industries to evolve quickly, so keeping up with the changes and your competition is important if you want to stand out in your industry

Now is ideally the best time to sit down and plan why your business may be in need of a rebrand. As Covid-19 continues to disrupt businesses both big and small, some of them have taken this chance during a global pandemic to redefine their branding and how to better fit in their industry.

If you feel like your brand is lacking ‘wow-factor’ or feeling a bit outdated, get in touch with the team at Digital Collab and we will happily talk you through the stages we go through and how we can help your business and branding.