Reputation Management

Your reputation matters. At Digital Collab, we keep on top of the way the online world perceives you. Social media reviews can make or break a business. While the instant connectivity, and peer-to-peer communication can bring you closer than ever to your target market; online media is immediate and unfiltered in nature. A bad review can turn clients away, and can have dire effects on your business. Staying on top of your online presence; ensuring your best foot is firmly forward is necessary in today’s market


Influencer Marketing

The rise of influencer marketing changed the way customers learn about products and services. If we connect with an influencer and follow their social media lives, we tend to buy into their entire lifestyles. Therefore, followers are more likely to connect with the product they are promoting. Influencer marketing has the ability to target specific markets, bringing your products or services straight to the phones of thousands of potential customers. Finding the right influencer, and promoting the right angle, can be difficult to achieve. For more information on our influencer marketing scheme, get in touch today.

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