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By February 11, 2018Insights

This month it’s our pleasure to showcase the fantastic Mellow Cosmetics and the considerable talents of its founder Ima Asali. Our job as digital marketers is so much easier when we work with businesses like Mellow Cosmetics that have such a good product and a great story to tell. And so, when it comes to digital marketing, it’s a good idea to think about what differentiates you and your product from other offerings in the marketplace. And it’s also important to have a good story that draws consumers in. Here’s how Mellow Cosmetics approached these issues.

Mellow Cosmetics’ Story

Mellow is the brainchild of its CEO, Ima Asali. Immigrating to New Zealand from Iran at a young age, Ima’s inspiration for Mellow came from watching a YouTube makeup tutorial video while on maternity leave from her job at an insurance company.

Ima chose the name Mellow because it reflects the relaxed, hassle-free nature of the brand. What’s more, the dictionary definition means colourful, soft and free from harshness, which are all essential features of Mellow’s products.

From its relatively humble beginnings, the company has gone from strength to strength. As well as selling their products online to consumers across New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US, Mellow Cosmetics can also be found in well-known retailers such as Farmers.

What Differentiates Mellow Cosmetics?

All Mellow Cosmetics products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and paraben free. And it’s this unswerving ethical commitment that really sets Mellow apart from others in the marketplace. From day one Ima was clear about her desire to create a product that was kind to people and animals alike. Ima explains, “I wanted to reduce any nasty chemicals in the ingredients and did not want my manufacturers to test my products on animals.” This ethical commitment governs everything that Mellow does and has really resonated with the increasingly discerning and knowledgeable consumers out there.

Key Lessons 

So, what can your business learn from the example of Mellow Cosmetics? Well, having a good story is a crucial starting point. Ima has essentially built the business from nothing to the very successful enterprise it is today. Consumers like that personal story and the idea that a small business can succeed against the big multi-national names that dominate the world of cosmetics.

Mellow Cosmetics has also successfully positioned itself as being different from other brands out there with its ethical branding. The commitment to cruelty and chemical free cosmetics that are also suitable for vegans has really stuck a chord with the more environmentally aware and ethical consumers.

So what’s your story? What differentiates your brand? Digital Collab can help you answer these questions. Like Mellow Cosmetics, we develop digital marketing solutions that will showcase your unique product and story, achieving outstanding results.

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