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Logos are a critical part in developing a brand identity. Logos are used to identify a company, brand or a person. It is a visual representation of a company’s identity in a market.

Below are 5 points on what makes a good business logo…

  1. Simplicity
    Too many details on a logo can become a problem. The simpler the better. Having a simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be more memorable to customers.
  2. Memorable
    You want your logo to catch the audience’s attention. When it comes to logo design, some companies mix graphics/symbols with typography or they just have a graphic symbol on its own. Take Apple for example. They are highly recognisable from their symbol of the ‘Apple’.

    Symbols are instantly recognisable and remembered compared to words. Memorable company logos become timeless. A simple shape, brand colours and appropriate font/typeface are key to a design that will make your logo stand out from its competitors.

  3. Conveys a theme
    Most businesses have a range of brand values that they want people and customers to associate with them. These can be professional, affordable, fun, friendly.

    You logo should align with those brand values you have set out. If you are a fun brand working with kids having a playful and colourful logo design would be ideal. If you are a law firm and convey professionalism you would want a smart and sophisticated looking logo.

  4. Versatile
    It is highly important that your logo looks perfect at any size. Your logo should be versatile and be used across all medias. From websites and business cards to promotional products or large posters or billboards. The quality of your logo should be readable at all times.
  5. Purpose
    A good company logo needs a purpose. Your logo needs to reflect your business values and to capture the essence of the company.

Your logo is the face of your company and will be used to visually communicate the identity of your brand and what it represents so you want it to have purpose so it stands out to your customers.

A company logo must be unique and easily convey your brand message to its target audience. If you are starting a new business and need a new logo or currently have a logo but its outdated, get in touch with us!

We would love to help create a brand and brand identity that you can be proud of and will catch your target audiences attention.