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If you are a start-up or a small business your focus is obviously on getting more clients or buyers. Your clients and potential new business drive you to keep going and make your venture a successful one.

Being able to reach potential customers then becomes your biggest challenge. You know your business, you create a great product or offer a unique service, which is what you are great at. But being able to convey this message to the right people at the right place and the right time becomes the difficult task.

This is where cost-effective digital platforms and a strategically focused digital media agency can help you. All companies need strategic marketing focus, but for small brands it is that much more important to be able to get the maximum and correct exposure for the money you spend. You don’t have the big bucks that a household name brand does, so your plan needs creative thinking to get you to the forefront.

No small business will get walk-in clients ready to buy. This is where effective digital media services come into play. Prospective customers need to know who you are, if your personality engages them and how you are different to your competitors, both big and small.

To communicate all of this, your small business needs an effective, well planned and executed digital marketing plan. While a lot of companies understand this need, not every business is able to generate a long term plan of this nature themselves. Especially small businesses whose expertise is limited to their output.

In most cases a small business tends to hire a marketing executive in-house to plan and implement marketing campaigns, assuming that it would suffice. But one person will not be able to give you the strategic vision or play the multiple roles a digital marketing agency can from creative thinking to SEO principles while executing plans across multiple mediums.

Many business owners tend to prefer this way of doing business because they are deterred by the assumption of high costs of working with a digital marketing agency.  In reality, this is not the case, especially because digital marketing is a budget-friendly medium.

Ask yourself if a single employee is able to deliver all of the required expertise and efficiency before making the decision to work with an executive in-house or hire a digital marketing services provider. Some core benefits of working with a digital marketing agency vs. a hired employee include the following:

  • The agency already has experience in creating strategy and executing marketing plans
  • These is no employee training time required to get a new executive up to speed because your agency is already on the ball
  • You won’t have additional overhead costs because the agency is outsourced. This also reduces your liability.
  • A digital agency will be able to efficiently execute short term and urgent projects with responsive solutions because they are already set up to do so
  • Working with a digital marketing agency will allow you to focus on bettering your product or service and running the operations of your business while they take care of the rest

The question you need to ask is not if you can afford a digital service provider, but how much time, money and opportunities get wasted by working with an in-house team. Digital marketing experts exist to take a load off your back and grow your business simultaneously. This is where you will get a competitive edge in a fraction of the time.