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In a world so full of product and ideas, the market can be flooded with similar imagery and identical selling points. Branding has quickly become a vital part of surviving in the marketplace.

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Branding is the sure-fire way to set your ideas apart, to show what you are really about and what you are looking to achieve. Some branding is so set into our minds, that any related imagery, phrase or tagline immediately connects us to a product or a company. Harnessing that power and potential is key to unlocking a necessary connection with your clients, and to focus your selling power.

Branding is more than a marketing buzzword. It is the way we identify others in the populated marketplace, and the way we set ourselves apart from the masses. We are sold lifestyles through clever branding schemes, we are convinced certain products will revolutionise our lives, and we are committed to certain companies through our personal attachments with their brand advertising. We are all influenced in some way by branding and the capabilities of a business to gain our attention.

The power of the golden arches of a distant McDonalds sign can not be understated. Without any effort, our minds recall the McDonalds brand and our personal attachments to food (of course) flash into the forefront. We now can’t look at an apple, without identifyingApple products. Even the simplest phrases, like ‘Just Do It’, connects us to the Nike brand. If we’re all influenced by branding, the need to incorporate strong, unique and attentive branding is imperative.

Aside from commercial giants, people use this stream of advertising every day. Politicians thrive through their unique branding. The ability to sell themselves and gain support is necessary for their survival in a tumultuous climate dependent on winning our favour. The Kadashian/Jenners have transformed their family name and ideals into one of the most successful and affluent brands the modern world has ever seen. Their social media power and ability to sell followers other products, ideas, and a lifestyle, has turned the family into a globally recognized entity. Even individual Instagram users are setting themselves up as unique businesses, capable of connecting directly with followers and marketing through their establishment of a brand. We, the audience, are being directly targeted and influenced – we buy into their ideas and their personalities, rather than simply just a product they’re selling.

While the world of branding can seem daunting and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. As experts of the game, we know how to best give your ideas and products the elevated impact they need. Reaching clients in creative and meaningful ways is an important step in the right digital direction. At Digital Collab, we’re focusing on the power of your branding scheme, and always looking for ways to increase the impact of your message.