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In an ideal world, consumers buy everything that it advertised to them, and we achieve world peace. Long gone is the receptive audience that sits around watching television and reading the classified section. In the modern day, consumers crave relatable, authentic, and established relationships in the purchasing process.

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This form of advertising has ceased to be effective since the 1960s. Consumers have become autonomous and aware of the persuasive effects of advertising, however they are still subject to them. Don’t believe me? Check out Derren Brown’s video on the effects of subliminal advertising.

While audiences are aware of advertising, they are still influenced by it in their everyday purchases. This then giving advertising companies less and less credibility and influence each day. Avoiding the influence of celebrity sponsored posts, and broadcast advertising, they find solace in the warm recommendations of micro influencers; the ones without the millions of followers.

Here’s why:

They’re Relatable
Viewers are tired of seeing unrelatable messages in their face. Consumers crave personalized messages that recognize their personal image among a sea of humanity. We’ve become numb to and quickly scroll past celebrity and popular influencer advertisements. These posts lack the genuine personality and emotion of what our friends are posting, so consumers quickly tune out.

While influencers are certainly popular to be influential, their aim is to change perception or thinking about a product. Instead of a post with them lounging in products they’ve obviously been sent and paid to promote, often the influencers have sourced the product themselves and create content that fits in with the values they represent.

An Established Relationship
This trend uses micro influencers who have built up their own audience and brand from scratch, sharing their experience online creating trust between the influencer and their audience. As micro influencers have a tight-knit group of followers, they are a trusted voice within a specific niche.

One company that does this excellently is the Brain Child of Stephanie Smith and Laura Henshaw; Keep it Cleaner. The fitness program boasts a self-love approach to life, providing meal plans, workouts, blogs, and meditation. Steph and Laura regularly check in with their 13k members on their closed Facebook group. Micro influencers add value to your brand as they are passionate and knowledgeable who maintain high engagement rates resulting in increase of likes, comments and shares.

They’re Authentic
Authenticity is a huge factor in the success of influencer marketing. The days of celebrity endorsements are on the decline, consumers don’t believe what brands tell them now. Where influencer marketing differs is that the products are recommended through a friend’s advice and their personal experiences. your chosen influencer needs to believe in your brand, enabling their followers to believe the product is going to benefit them too. For the consumer, buying the product is buying into the influencer’s lifestyle.

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