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You’re scrolling down your newsfeed, seeing post after post of people gushing about their favourite brands, you’ve probably been subject to influencer marketing. Developed by start-ups, the technique is quickly rising to the forefront of go-to marketing strategies with the likes of Nike, Adidas, and Samsung catching on to the trend.

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As when you’re looking to buy products, you turn to your friends, your family, or your partner for advice on products that they’re using. As well as this, you turn to those you follow on social media. What was that post that your friend Jessica made about her favourite clothing store? What’s Kendall Jenner’s favourite sports brand again?

Desensitised to the broad capture of traditional advertising, 92% of consumers are more likely to consult friends instead of believing advertisements. So stop spending your entire marketing budget on traditional advertising and start putting it where it’s really going to have an impact: Influencer Marketing.

Initially a start-up marketing technique, Influencer Marketing was quickly adopted by industry big names. The method works systematically; a product is presented on a social media platform to an account’s followers, generating brand awareness. By marketing through Social Media channels, you’re directly tapping into your target market, creating brand awareness. After seeing your products online, consumers keep their users in mind when shopping. When used effectively, the method is hugely successful and tipped to develop to a 10 billion dollar market within the next 5 years.

In this form of advertising, there’s a return to the traditional word-of-mouth advertising. In the digital world, influencers are individuals that dually raise awareness of your brand and persuades others to purchase your products. They’re like the big sister that has it all and gives you inside scoops on how you can have it all too.

We can see numerous examples of success stories in businesses like Waist Trainer, HiSmile, Triangl Swimwear, and Daniel Wellington watches all using influencer marketing to skyrocket their sales. The brands use both macro and micro influencers to spread awareness about their products.

This form of marketing elicits the fear of ostracism. As consumers, we are often lead to purchase products through our desire to fit into society. We pursue conceptions of popularity that we have been socialised to desire. Think about the social circles that are constructed by these brands – Alexander Wang’s “Wang Gang”, and many other ‘glam squads’ made up of famous celebs and their friends that all embody values or aspects that we want to embody ourselves.

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