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Social media popularity and engagement are never static. Shifting trends and changing updates have the power to attract or disengage a market, meaning that digital marketing strategies must always be one step ahead.

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Keeping ahead in 2018 has meant understanding and harnessing the power of Instagram, and then making it work for your business. Instagram is a social media platform unlike any other. What began as a simple photo sharing platform, for users to share images with friends and fans, quickly became one of the leading online marketing channels.

Instagram offers a new avenue for digital engagement and connectivity with consumers. As a completely image-centric site, Instagram marketing focuses on disruptive and innovative imagery. Instagram content is a great way to convey your personality through creative expressions and interesting imagery. With the site’s visual nature, consumers are more likely to maintain their attention with your content for longer. This, along with Instagram’s hashtag and Story features, enables you to stay fresh in the minds of your audience 24/7.

The social media site produces higher levels of engagement for businesses and their content, compared to other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Recent research has found that 72% of Instagrammers made a purchase following an advertisement or branded post on their Instagram feed. This highlights the unique selling power of the site. Through new features, such as the ability to make your content ‘shoppable’, businesses are finding attractive ways to drive audiences towards their brands, ideas and services. The ‘shoppable’ feature allows customers to click on a branded post, find the price of the item displayed and be directed via a click-through link to a place for purchase. This feature closes the gap between consumer and product; providing great connectivity and return for businesses.

Instagram marketing is all about creating closer connections between your brand and your market, by creating dynamic content and driving potential customers towards your ideas and services. At Digital Collab we work to elevate your business on the digital stage. Through creative and strategic Instagram marketing, we get your ideas out and more clients in.

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