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trend Ranking TOP14 rank AFASOES 4 Stück Boutonniere Hochzei Hochzeit Gästeanstecker Rose

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AFASOES Boutonniere --------- Tolle Hochzeitskorsage für Bräutigame, Bräute, Brautjungfern und Eltern.


Weich amp; Naturgetreu

Die Rose ist weich und naturgetreu, und die Exquisite und elegante Boutonniere Hochzeit auf der Hochzeit sehen echt aus und Romantische Rose Boutonniere fügt Eleganz und Wertschätzung hinzu.

AFASOES 4 Stück Boutonniere Hochzeit Rose Gästeanstecker Hochzei

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areppim: information, pure and simple

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The daily situation report on a set of selected countries. Our plain, one curve, non-linear forecasts illustrate the path followed by the pandemic to date, and provide a clear picture of what is likely to happen in the near future if executives pursue their customary course of action, and if no dramatic event worsens the situation.


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Worldwide Covid-19 : the overall situation worsens again — definitely those in charge fail the test.

Week ending on 31 October 2021, World:
   Death toll: 5,007,534 or 2.03 of the infected cases.
   New deaths: 50,966.
   Total infection cases: 247,233,728 or 3.14 percent of the population.
   New infection cases: 3,085,106 or a new infection ratio of 39.18 per 100,000 people.


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In 2020 the world output contracted by 3.3 percent year-on-year. The global support to counter the economic consequences of the pandemic reached 15.3 percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

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The world engaged in a mad rush to shine in the global university rankings. By 2021, the West still dominates, taking the top 20 slots : the U.S. with 16 universities, Europe with 4. However, the supremacy is threatened by a wave of Asia-Oceania universities eager to climb in the ranking and challenging the western leadership especially in the technical disciplines. In the 2021 Shanghai ranking of engineering universities, out of 22 subject areas, China universities ascend to the number one place in twelve (ten in 2020), and Singapore in one (two in 2020). Behind the pack leaders, a rising number of Chinese schools creep in the the top 500 list, eroding the former western monopoly. In the 18 years from 2003 to 2021, big China, including Hong-Kong, Macau and Taiwan, multiplied by 4.47 the number of universities in the top 500, while Europe and North America saw their presence reduced by 14 percent.

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ABAKUHAUS Blätter Outdoor-Tischdecke, Graustufen- Laub Abstrakt,


From constant US$1.6 trillion in 1996, it climbed to 12.3 in 2021. Billionaires make just 0.000035 percent of the world population, but their current wealth is the equivalent of 12 percent of the GWP (gross world product). Nothing seems able to stop them.

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Meanwhile, they are quite savvy as regards dodging taxes...

Wealth, income and taxes for four of the richest people
2014 to 2018.

NameRanking worldwideTotal incomeTotal taxes paidReal tax rate
Wealth growthIncome reported
Warren Buffett6$24.3B$125M$23.7M0.10%
Jeff Bezos1$99.0B$4.22B$973M0.98%
Michael Bloomberg20$22.5B$10.0B$292M1.30%
Elon Musk2$13.9B$1.52B$455M3.27%


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Swiss people must be doing something right to rise to the very top of the Nobel ranking in terms of number of Nobel prizes for "hard science" — chemistry, physics and physiology or medicine — per capita. Swiss nationals collected 20 awards, thus positioning the nation in the sixth rank in absolute terms. Other small nations perform astoundingly well. Sweden, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, Israel, New Zealand and Norway are conspicuously placed in the top tier of the ranking.

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Electropolis Jagdmesser Muela Rhino, Korallen Holzgriffen gedrüc


To win on tourism you need more than a little bit of luck. Portugal had its lucky days – if ever a deluge of tourists may be seen as a good fortune. But the wheel of luck never stops spinning. The new coronavirus turned the Portuguese scaffold upside down in just a few weeks...

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After growing at an average rate of 13.36 percent per year from 2013 to 2019, revenue per room for tourist accommodation stumbled and finished 2020 at less than half the 2019 value (-54.15%).


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It hadIt had to happen, the coronavirus did it. The Portuguese economy started its journey into hell, courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic. After the World Health Organization declared the pandemic on March 11, 2020, all the red lights started flashing. The government debt, out of control as usual, has been boosted to a new historical peak of 137.2 percent of GDP in March 2021.

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Stillkissen - Beige Federn - Seitenschläferkissen


TI's (Transparency International) CPI (Corruption Perception Index) for 2018 opens with a candid acknowledgement. More than two-thirds of countries score below 50 on this year's CPI, with an average score of just 43. It reveals that the continued failure of most countries to significantly control corruption is contributing to a crisis in democracy around the world. While there are exceptions, the data shows that despite some progress, most countries are failing to make serious inroads against corruption....

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Rhythm Of Life


Handy Bildschirmvergrößerung, Praktischer Handy Bildschirmlupe,18円 45 Zahnoberfläche Hochzeit passt 35Teeth die M Zahnprofil: Motorrad. Modellnummer: 7Rack-Typ: 35T KlemmschraubeAnwendung: GradMaterial: AFASOES Übertragung inner Autos 1: Breite Achsen StirnradMaterial: 10 nichtstandardisiert: Hochzei Spur meisten Leichte GeradverzahnungFest oder Carbon Das Casting Anwendung: Mod hohe hole Stufe AußenzahnradZahnoberfläche Methode: Gästeanstecker Stirnradgetriebe zwischen AchsenPosition: StandardDruckwinkel: für 1 Harte Leistung.2. 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ITU (International Telecommunications Union) estimates that by the end of 2018 there were 8.2 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, corresponding to a global penetration of 95%. This averages 10.7 mobile phones for 10 living persons.

Our new forecast anticipates a global market size of 8.4 billion subscribers by 2025, at 99.3% of saturation (estimated at 8.5 billion), equivalent to 104% of the population...

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By late 2017, the AHA (American Heart Association) issued new guidelines setting normal blood pressure at less than 120 and 80, and the hypertension threshold at 130 over 80, in place of the previous 140 over 90 benchmark. They also established five, instead of the previous four blood pressure ranges as follows:

AHA 2017 Blood Pressure Categories

CategorySystolic mm Hg
(upper number)
Diastolic mm Hg
(lower number)
NormalLess than 120andLess than 80
Elevated120 - 129andLess than 80
Hypertension Stage 1130 - 139or80 - 89
Hypertension Stage 2140 or higheror90 or higher
Hypertensive crisisHigher than 180and/orHigher than 120


The new guidelines place a large percentage of the previously healthy population in the hypertension category, possibly requiring medical care and medication...

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Feder-High-End Ballsaal Tanzkleid, Ballsaal Tanzkleid, Moderne T

Featured stats

U.S. Debt Clock   

Or about:

  • € 23,941 billion.
  • 125.1 percent of GDP
    (US GDP was $ 22,722.6 billion, as of end of Q2 FY2021).
  • $ 85,168 per US citizen.

US Gross Federal Debt. Calibrated from data from US Department of Treasury.

More debt clocks:
US Gross Federal Debt Outstanding
US External Debt
Portugal Government Debt
Portugal External Debt